Search Engine 101

Delivering Traffic Through Search Engine Marketing

Here’s a question companies often ask us: “Aside from buying (sometimes very expensive) advertising on the primary search engine pages like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN, how can I get near the top of the rankings for a search related to my product?”

The answer is search engine optimization (or SEO, for short). In essence, this entails making your site “search engine friendly” so that it achieves a high ranking on the proper search terms. Although the concept of search engine marketing is relatively simple, the actual process of optimizing a website for high page rankings can be complex and requires considerable skill and expertise.

In today’s world of Internet marketing, search engine optimization is extremely important. SEO marketing is so important for one reason: surfers have to be able to find your site (and the only reasonable way to find anything on the Internet is through a search engine).

At C3i3 Interactive, a leading Bay Area search engine company, SEO marketing is one of our many specialties. Our search engine ranking strategies help insure that our clients increase their traffic and customers by consistently ranking among the top results for all major search engines. C3i3 Interactive will make sure that your website rises from the depths of search engine obscurity to take its place among the top results for web searches related to your service.

C3i3 Interactive has formed strategic alliances and partnerships with the industry leaders in search engine optimization and paid search advertising to ensure that your web sites are ranked in top positions to maximize your ROI.

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