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C3i3 sees website development much in the same way a tailor looks at a suit. Just as a tailor can makes suggestions to customers about what looks good and what doesn’t, a web designer takes the same approach to website development. It is all about finding the right style of site for your business. Once you find that style, we then tailor your site and customize it to fit your particular business, your needs and your objectives.

Perhaps you are looking for a simple static brochure site. C3i3 offers a website development package to show your business in its best light. Do you want an e-commerce site with shopping cart capabilities? We can design something that can help turn your website into a 24×7 cash register. Maybe you want something more sophisticated like a site with content management and database interfaces. C3i3 can customize a site that looks great in the monitor and functions just as well when it goes live.

C3i3 offers three different service levels at three different price levels to accommodate the needs of your company and your site.

For more information on the range of website development packages we offer, as well as the levels of service available, please click on the logos below:

Professional Website
Dollar for dollar, the best value of all our website development packages. C3i3 will custom design and develop a professional brochure site. If you provide the content, we will take care of the rest. C3i3 will even open up our library of stock images so you are not scrambling around trying to gather up digital photos. The Value service allows for basic content revisions and an onsite consultation. C3i3 also provides some basic pre-launch services to get your new website off and running. Great Design and Functionality!

Rich Media Website – Full Service
The most popular of C3i3’s website service levels. The Full Service package offers you just that—full service. For starters, C3i3 will develop a logo and identity for your company, then custom design a rich media website with all the bells and whistles, including Web commercials and graphic banner ads. As always, C3i3 will be there for you, offering onsite consultation and website management services throughout and beyond the launch of your site.

Business Critical – Corporate Websites
The best commercial website service package C3i3 offers. Comes with all the features of the basic and full service—customer website design and development, Multimedia gallery, onsite consultation and ongoing web management—plus some extras. Like writing and editing services, so you do not have to generate your own content. Our writers will optimize that content for the search engines so your site ranks higher on Google, Yahoo and more. C3i3’s luxurious service also includes digital photography services, customized digital content, dynamic content systems and full customer support.

Our Absolute Best!

Type of Websites & Web-Based Solutions

Ecommerce | Shopping Cart

Create your ultimate online shop! The World Wide Web literally gives business owners the license to sell their goods and service. That puts a premium on the ease of use and functionality of the e-commerce/shopping cart features of your site. C3i3 can customize an e-commerce/shopping cart solution that maximizes your site’s selling capabilities.

C3i3 offers a wide range of features for e-commerce/shopping cart sites. Among those ecommerce/shopping cart features are the capabilities for: secure online ordering, inventory tracking, multiple forms of payment, cross-selling capabilities, an unlimited number of products and transactions, multiple categories and sub-categories, reporting functionality, customer and order tracking, integrated e-mail marketing, a notification system for new orders, coupon generators, and more.

Content Management Solutions

Do you put off edits and updates to the content because you lack the technical knowledge? What if you could do it yourself without knowing any programming languages or Web design?

With C3i3’s user-friendly content management system, you don’t need to know HTML or any other programming languages to update the content on your website. Our content management solutions make it simple for non-technical content authors to create, edit, and publish website content.

Password protected, our content management system pages allows you to login from anywhere to make changes, updates, and even create new pages from wherever you have access to the Internet. Our content management system solutions also allows users to seamlessly upload Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, and other files to your Web site,/, again from anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Database Solutions

C3i3 can create a customized database system using ASP, PHP, JSP, .NET, XML or HTML 5 platforms to meet your needs. Your website can generate a lot of information. Whether you have an e-commerce site, run surveys online, register people for events, or have any other type of online form; the information you receive is critical to your operation. That is why C3i3 puts database development at the top of the list when it comes to designing your site.

Our database development services ranges from data conversion, which involves taking data from one or more sources and changing the format or structure before returning it the original file to data migration or taking data from one source or platform and placing it into another.

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