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C3i3 Commercial Email Management includes the best web-based email list management and delivery services on the market, designed for high performance and reliability.

Offering three services (c.0 Basic, c.0 Commercial, c.0 Industrial) with varying message capacity and recipient levels, c.0 Commercial Email Management provides a scalable solution to manage individual list databases with over 10 million recipients.

Utilizing core technologies with the recently introduced Dynamic Content Merge feature, c.0 Industrial level customers have the ability to deliver highly focused and personalized information to their target audience. With the Click-Thru Tracking and Response Querying features, both overview and detailed reporting is available on every message delivered for analysis of responses and measurement of return on investment.

High Performance
c.0 Industrial is optimized for high-speed message delivery and can send over 10 million messages per hour. c.0 Basic and c.0 Commercial packages offer 4-hour delivery targets for up to 2 million messages. Higher performance is also available.

We understand the mission critical nature of newsletter publishing especially when the content is time sensitive and advertising revenue is riding on successful delivery. The c.0 system has built-in redundancy for handling all critical functions such as subscribe/unsubscribe requests and maintaining database integrity. The system is also designed to automatically restart and retry delivery if any component of the system fails ensuring that messages get delivered.

The c.0 system has virtually unlimited scalability for all list management functions. In addition to high volume message delivery, our technology addresses the scalability issues of the list databases and inbound processing (add/removal requests, bounced messages, etc) as well as link redirection and click-thru tracking. C3i3 has the ability to grow to meet our clients’ needs as they achieve their marketing goals.

Low cost
c.0 Commercial Email Management Services were specifically designed and optimized for low cost operation resulting in very competitive prices overall and huge price savings in the high volume, high performance end of the market. See our prices and packages sheet for details.

Automation and Ease of Use
C3i3 offers a 100% web-based interface that combined with a high level of automation makes the system very intuitive and easy to use. C3i3’s customers can sign-up, upload their list and schedule messages in a matter of minutes all via the web browser.

No Hardware or Software
c.0 Commercial Email runs entirely on our servers, so there’s no software to install, configuration issues to deal with, or additional bandwidth charges from ISPs. C3i3’s customers can manage their list database and schedule mailings by simply logging-in to their account on the c.0 Campaign Manager Page.

Dynamic Content Merge
c.0 Industrial has the ability to offer targeted and personalized content based on specific demographic information and subscriber profiles. With the Dynamic Content Merge feature, marketers can maximize the effectiveness of their message with customized content for a recipient based on specific criteria such as age, gender, geographic location and subscriber preferences. Newsletter publishers will be able to perform ad targeting based on subscriber preferences and responses. E-marketers can personalize multiple promotions with dynamic content within a single campaign.

Click-Thru Tracking
c.0 Commercial and c.0 Industrial offers both overview and detailed reporting on click-thru rates. Click-thru tracking is a powerful reporting feature enabling list owners to track the number of unique clicks on every link (URL) in a message providing valuable feedback on the effectiveness of a marketing campaign or advertisement. This is critical information for clients that rely on response analysis for developing future marketing campaigns and in calculating return on investment. Click-Thru Tracking is the foundation for future online marketing tools.

HTML Support
c.0 Commercial and c.0 Industrial have very robust support for HTML newsletters. C3i3’s clients provide the HTML code for their campaign and the c.0 system automatically handles the delivery to AOL recipients and recipients with text-only email clients. E-marketers may also choose to supply a custom plain text version for the entire message or by section. The recipient will always see a nicely formatted newsletter no matter what email client they are using at the time they read their email. With HTML messaging, the c.0 service provides tracking and reporting on the number of opened messages.

Targeting and Message Personalization
c.0 Commercial and c.0 Industrial have advanced database features to support demographic information and targeting based on complex database field queries. E-marketers can customize database fields and setup sub-lists. Messages can be personalized for individual subscribers using the custom database fields and our mail merge feature.

Web Site integration
The c.0 email solution provides the necessary HTML code, links and email addresses to fully integrate e-marketers’ web sites with their c.0 accounts. They can customize the subscription form and automatically generate the HTML code using utilities inside their accounts.

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