Our Approach

When you work with C3i3 Interactive, you are part of a dynamic team. You’re kept up to date on what’s going on, you get input at critical points, and you never have to worry about voicing your concerns. And as part of the team, your job is… well… to do what you always do: run your business. That’s right, you just keep running your business and we’ll take care of the project details.

Even though you’re part of the team, you’re still our client, and that entitles you to special treatment. You will be pampered the whole way. We’ll take care of all the details and day-to-day work while you have as little or as much involvement as you like. You can pepper us with questions and we’ll give our best answers.

C3i3’s roadmap for generating successful and profitable web initiatives is simple: Identify most important reasons for outsourcing and weigh choices and options. To provide the best solutions, the C3i3 team takes a close look at your business model. Then we get the project done, so you can take advantage of improved image and visibility.

Our customers put their trust in our hands. Knowing that a successful project starts with a good plan, the C3i3 team has the knowledge and experience to ask all the right questions from the start to create the best possible information architecture.

Ensure that all initiatives are aligned with company vision and cost.
Your web presence should accurately reflect the character, style, and vision of your company. And it should only cost what the scope determines. At C3i3, we are sensitive to this fact and are always willing to work to do the best possible job for the best possible price. We take great pride in bringing a forward-looking outlook on all our projects. By completing larger projects in phases, companies that utilize our services can meet deadlines and budgets.

Adhere strictly to deadlines and provide real-time project reviews throughout the process.
C3i3 does not miss deadlines. It’s as simple as that. You depend on us to do a project for you and you depend on us to provide results on time. We do that. And, we keep you involved. We make sure that every project we do goes through real-time project reviews at every stage of the process. Sure, you may not get a breathtaking unveiling at the site launch party, but you will get exactly what you want. That’s more important to us.

Keep communication lines open, measure success, and review results.
Although we believe in working at arm’s length so you can concentrate on running your business, we are committed to open communications before, during, and after a project. We also know that a project isn’t complete at launch; it’s complete when its success is assessed and necessary modifications made.

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