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From simple, effective brochure sites to technically complex web applications, C3i3 Interactive runs every project through our rigorous and functionally complete production process. This ensures you get the very best quality product every time. We take every project seriously, no matter how small. No detail goes unchecked.

This is how it works! Six easy steps

1. Listening & Consulting
Our initial process with new clients is to meet with you to organize and conceptualize the online project. We analyze and identify the sales, marketing, customer service, and business objectives of your site. We take a close look at what needs to be done, and why you’re doing it. We scale the scope and technical requirements to meet your goals.

2. Information Architecture & Sitemap
We then create a detailed site architecture and site map from what we’ve learned. This is the backbone of your entire website, and creates a strong foundation for us to build on. During this important phase we gather and determine the scope of the overall project requirements and assign specific tasks and schedules.

3. Brand Identity & Design
From here, once the site map is approved and web content is generated we move on to our next phase. To create an effective online presence, the site must have a positive brand image. Whether we’re translating your offline branding onto the Web or creating a new profile from scratch, we always take the time to generate a sound branding strategy and devise a compelling design. We usually do an initial design “rough” for you to review. Based on this design, you pick a direction to move forward. Next, we take that direction and refine it, eventually creating an identity that you are satisfied with, and move forward into production.

4. Production & Implementation
This is the phase where design, content, and site structure come together as one. We discuss special features and set milestones. We also prioritize our goals. Then, we do a first phase of implementation, with emphasis on search-engine friendliness and accessibility by all Web users. When you, the client, approve the refined design, we start production of the actual working Web site.

5. Beta Testing
A thorough testing process is applied throughout the entire development process, but the final beta testing phase is the most important. When the website is complete, our official testing phase begins. We put the site through the wringer, examining the functionality of interactive platforms, the appearance of Web pages on all major browsers, and the robustness of all coding. We check for dead links, integrate SEO tags, and set up hosting and security. This is where you have a final chance to make revisions and changes to your website before it goes live.

6. Launch
When both of us are satisfied, the completed site is transferred from our development servers to its final online destination. This is the final stage where you sign off on the completed website, and move on to the next stage-driving traffic to your site.

At C3i3 Interactive, we know that every project is different, and every client has different requirements. If you have any questions or would like to schedule another free website consultation, please contact us.

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